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Why REM?

At REM Enterprise Solutions we are committed to meeting the Asset, IT Service, Change Management, and CMMS needs of any size corporation across America.   

With that philosophy, we continue to build our reputation as the “The One-Source Solutions Provider” in North America. REM is committed to delivering creative solutions that are functional and scalable.

Knowledge of Industries

We work with many of the nation's top Retailers, and one of the leading Telecommunications providers in the country. We have built a strong Service Assurance, Maintenance, Procurement, Asset Tracking and Support reputation within Fortune 100 companies across the country. This allows us to have an industry-wide perspective of the changing needs of Corporate America. Our extensive knowledge helps us apply industry specific best practices that are creative yet practical. With a deep understanding of these industries, we are able to mobilize the right people, expertise and technologies to help our clients improve their overall business performance.

In addition, we have the Customer Experience to add to our portfolio. Our people have managed end users and applications on site after other consultants and software delivery organizations have moved on to other customers.

Consulting Experience

Our pragmatic perspective increases effectiveness, and our cross-functional and technical knowledge allows us to hit the ground running. At REM Enterprise Solutions, we focus on providing realistic and effective solutions. Our knowledge-driven consulting model leverages our experience to quickly tackle and address the issues and opportunities faced by our clients and provide creative courses of action. We offer a ONE-SOURCE CONSULTING solution that provides both the functional and technical solutions necessary to meet all of our clients' strategic and tactical needs.  

We can help you from the beginning process discovery and re-engineering through requirements, joint application design, complete and thorough testing, and finally the successful rollout of your desired solution.


REM professionals have served in many capacities in these industries. Every professional at REM Enterprise Solutions is highly qualified in helping our clients face the unique challenges of corporate environments by applying practical business solutions that work. We understand that your business process is the key to a successful implementation. Our objective is to provide our clients the right people with the required skill set necessary to efficiently and effectively reach their business and technological goals.

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